Reinvent Yourself Guests

Interview Guess List for the Reinvent You Show, broadcasted on
Hello Darlink! TV.

  1. Thea Chadwick (Psychologist – The pressure of Instagram on body image) 
  2. Dr Walter Sprenger De Rover (Dr – Compassion in the Practice) – CONFIRMED
  3. Patricia Nicole (Self Esteem to Living the Dream – cake making) 
  4. Mark Woschnak (Do’s and Don’ts of being an entrepreneur) 
  5. Dr Joe Kosterich – (Dealing with an Over medicalised Society) – CONFIRMED
  6. Joey O’Dell – Onyx & Rezerekt (avoiding injury and tips for rehab) – CONFIRMED
  7. Peter Sheppeard from Triple C Consulting (Avoiding Scammers when Investing) 
  8. Maria Byworth – business owner, cancer survivor (Surviving Perfect Storms) – CONFIRMED
  9. James McDonald – Giving Greens (Creating a socially and community conscious business with a higher purpose) 
  10. Dr Peter Dingle – on Gut Health 
  11. Lisa Michelle Scaffidi (Leadership and Resilience) (after the committee hearing)