Season 2

Nicola Peachy

From winning ‘Best Dressed’ at a previous Pink Ribbon Gala Ball, Nicola returns as a guest speaker for the 2014 Pink Ribbon Ball after a shock diagnosis of breast cancer.

She hopes to do her part in raising awareness by spreading the message that breast cancer can affect women of any age and symptoms can vary greatly.

Sue O’Byrne

Another testimonial speaker for the Brian Gardener Pink Ribbon Ball in 2014, Sue O’Byrne shares her story about living with cancer, and her continuous courageous journey towards recovery.

Her story is as much heart-wrenching as inspiring after the removal of a brain tumor and the development of an 8 x 8cm breast tumor.

Dana Vulin

Watch Dana Vulin’s interview at her first public appearance without the mask at the Brian Gardner Pink Ribbon Ball 2014. The burn victim and survivor of extreme violence against women shares her inspirational story of her courageous journey to recovery.

She has become the voice of hope, courage and, inspiration to women in Australia and around the world.

Lisa Scaffidi

Watch the one on one interview with Lisa Scaffidi, sharing her stories from the past seven years as the Lord Mayor of the City of Perth. Find out who Lisa has met along the way, and hear her vision for the City of Perth.

Nez Erok

The internationally acclaimed Perth singer and songwriter Nez Erok has brought home many prestigious awards, as well as breaking chart records in the US. However beneath the glitz and glammour, Nez Erok had a scarring childhood, experiencing both physical and verbal abuse from a young age.

Desiree Holz

Fight your way out of Depression – Part 1

In this one on one interview, Ms Holz speaks about her decade long undiagnosed battle with depression, her emotional journey to recovery and the critical importance of ‘Giving In, Instead of Giving Up”.

Currently a mother and psychology student, Ms Holz envisions opening her own practice aiming to apply her personal battle alongside her qualifications to help others and build-up individual self-worth.

George Helou

Fight your way out of Depression – Part 2

Within this interview, Mr Helou shares his memories of the Lebanon bombings only a 40 meter distance from where he sat as a child, and the importance of reconnecting the assumption that depression is linked to individual circumstance.

Without any medication, Mr Helou was able to turn his life around and is helping others reclaim their power and create purpose in every area of their life.

Randall Stout

Fight your way out of Depression – Part 3

The winner of the National Financial Planner of the Year, Randall Stout shares his story of coming out of depression. In this one to one interview, Mr Stout talks about the stigma attached to male emotions as a sign of weakness and the importance of a supportive network composed of family, friends and colleagues.

“If you let people in, your life is so much richer”

John Jarrat & Kaarin Fairfax

John Jarratt (Wolf Creek) and Kaarin Fairfax (Bed of Roses), stars of the new erotic thriller StalkHer, share exciting behind the scenes action with Barbara.

The Australian actor and actress and ‘Old Mates’ share memories of their personal life, acting careers and the entertainment industry.

Tony Galati

Founder of Spudshed, Tony Galati, talks to Barbara about his life, his business and his latest campaign.

Nazi Gold Train Discovery

See the exclusive footage and interviews with the treasure hunters and explorers of the Nazi Gold Train. Shot at the magnificent Castle Ksiaz and the very location of the Gold Train discovery in Dolny Slask, Poland.

A second discovery of the largest underground Nazi shelter in the world was also announced. Hosted by Barbara McNaught, more mysteries and secrets will be unveiled.

Jo Woodfield

Jo Woodfield was living life in the fast lane as a high powered executive at WRAYS, when her life took an unexpected turn. In 2013, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Today she shares her cancer journey, but not in the ways we have heard before. No two cancer stories are the same, and Jo’s is one of optimism, inspiration and honesty.

Jo is back as the founder of her own business ‘The Higher Mix’ and tells of survivorship and how she found her new normal after cancer.

David Graham

Overcoming the challenges of the stigma attached to the gay status 10 years ago, to being celebrated as an award winner, David Graham has stood strong in his beliefs and passions and remained true to himself.

Farmer Dave’s journey can be admired by many. Accompanied by award winning Dock Dogs’ star Taco, Farmer Dave Graham shares his journey with us from small country town kid to Australian celebrity.

Nazi Gold Train Fever

The secrecy behind Nazi Gold Train fever continues…
Join us for the second part of the Nazi Gold Train journey and find out what the future holds!

“There is still more than a hundred undiscovered places. This is just the beginning of the real-life avalanche that will start here after the discovery of the Gold Train!”