Season 4

Vince Garreffa

Join Barbara in conversation with celebrated chef, published author and fundraising extraordinaire Vince Garreffa.

Follow his journey from Italian immigrant, to top apprentice, to famous gourmet butcher and now published author of The Flesh in My Life book supporting Lifeline WA.

Buy his book here.

Bec Bucci

Hello Darlink! introduces the exclusive inside story of a woman’s journey from the darkness of an abusive childhood, to finding the light again, only to overcome her next life challenge.

In this interview, Bec shares how she learnt to deal with the traumatic effects of her past, by taking on a new outlook and helping others.

Farrah Miller

Be inspired by Farrah Millar’s story of survival and how the experience of turning tragedy into triumph has changed her outlook on life, love, family and the perception of being beautiful.

At 37 and one day after the birth of her second child, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. The same year she was awarded the 2016 Mother of the Year Award by Australian Magazine “Mother and Baby”.

This episode has been brought to you by Thai Airways International.

Ruth Tarvydas – Part 2

In this episode of Hello Darlink! we look back on the life and memories of the iconic fashion designer, Ruth Tarvydas.

This retrospective interview looks at the life and memories  of the iconic fashion designer, from the perspective of those who were close to her in life.

In May 2014, Ruth lost her battle against mental health due to financial pressure, but her timeless designs and legacy will continue living beyond the world of fashion.

Jeremy Scott

Meet the the man with a broken heart who cycled around the world.

Join Barbara in conversation with Jeremy Scott about his discoveries of the beauties and dangers around the world and the invaluable lessons he has learnt from life.

Troy Coward

Join Barbara in the captivating conversation with Troy Coward about his troubled youth, acting career, and his very own murder mystery.

Adopting the life motto, “It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you deal with it,” Troy has turned his adversity into a positive experience to become the successful actor, entrepreneur and ambassador he is today.

Louisa Hawton

Join me in conversation with the 2017 Wonder Woman Louisa (Bang Bang) Hawton. The undefeated world champion boxer and model talks about her life and how everybody should believe in themselves and follow their dreams.

Tracey Jewel

Tracey Jewel reflects on life before and after Married at First Sight and how her past has led her to her present. Watch as Tracey opens up to Barbara about her struggle with rejection, domestic violence, motherhood and finding real love.

Alicia Curtis

Join us with Momentum Wonder Woman of the Year 2018, Alicia Curtis – one of Perth’s most inspiring young social and business entrepreneurs. Alicia Curtis is an award winning speaker and leadership facilitator, having co-found the organisation 100 Women.

Stephen Belowsky

Stephen Belowsky, described as a spoken word genius started his career on the gritty stages of New York City and now performs to celebrity audiences and rock stars around the world. Stevie has been dazzling audiences with his Pop spoken word and has been described as moving journalism that keeps you in the now. Take a journey as if you are attached to his GPS of life, be captivated and hear about his latest book Stay Greasy Baby.

Michael Lloyd – White

Join Barbara in a conversation with Momentum’s Most Inspiring Man of 2018, Michael Lloyd-White who shares his experience to make our world a kinder place.

Daniel Kerr

Join Barbara and Daniel Kerr in conversation about  his life, highs and lows of his career and what he cares about today. Be captivated!

Sean Thomsen

From FIFO life to reality TV star on Married at First Sight, find out more from Sean Thomsen while he opens up to Barbara about his life and journey to helping others to find happiness.

Iris Smit

Iris Smit is the founder of the beauty hack going viral over the internet worldwide! Iris invented The Quick Flick – a cat wing eyeliner stamp that gives you perfect wings in just seconds. The Quick Flick was featured on Shark Tank, The Daily Mail, and Today Tonight just to name a few. Hear from Perth’s very own Iris as she shares her journey from University student to building a beauty brand valued at $10 million dollars.

Alannah Hill

Watch the heart-breaking, heart-warming, and most revealing interview of the iconic Alannah Hill yet! The legendary fashion designer opens up to Barbara on the Hello Darlink! Talk Show about her sexual abuse, climb and fall from fame, and why she called her book “Butterfly On A Pin.”

Rodney Bridge

Rodney Bridge opens up about his crusade to China and his victory putting the worlds biggest drug lords behind bars. Meet one of the top 30 most influential men in the world, who 6 years ago took on a David vs Goliath mission to change the drug culture in China and all around the world. Rodney continues his mission of educating the youth and their parents of Australia about the dangers of drug use through his organisation Sideffect.

Maria Byworth

Maria Byworth is a wife, mother of 2, published book author, and CEO of the multi million-dollar company WA Marble and Granite and WAM Renovations. After facing many challenges and tragedies in her life including her very own cancer battle, Maria broke all the rules and made a miraculous recovery and turned her life around to emerge as a victor rather than a victim.

Blake Wood

Blake Wood believed all his dreams had come true when he began his FIFO journey in 2007, but early into his career he began suffering from anxiety, chronic depression and panic attacks. At the age of 30, Blake believed he had nothing to live for and wanted to take his own life. Blake is now on a mission, sharing his journey of how he shifted from wanting to die to wanting to help others.

Robert Hitchcock

Welcome to Talk-About Walk-About, introducing you to inspirational stories of visionary Indigenous Australian’s who have overcome barriers to walk their way to success, leaving footprints for younger generations to follow. Barbara talks to Robert Hitchcock about his life, re-invention, struggle and passion for Art.